Rabbi Moses Nadel

Potrait of a cantor, black and white color

AUG 2023. A plaque will soon be placed at the Jewish Cemetery in Kaliningrad, listing the names of all the rabbis buried there. Some of the rabbis were from Lithuania and came to Koenigsberg to be treated in hospitals. One of them was Rabbi Moses Nadel (1882-1924). We can give face and history to his name: Nadel was born ab. 1882 in Viešintos (Lithuania), was ordinated by the Vilna Beit Din and served as a shochet and mohel in Krekenava. He was infecting while checking the lungs of a sick cow. Then he was sent to a hospital, but died there. His wife passed before him. The couple had three boys and two girls – four children immigrated to Montreal Canada after the death of the father. (For the information and photo we thank Shirley Nadell and Shmuel Baruch Hyman)

Old Jewish cemetery 1925 entrance
Old Jewish cemetery Königsberg 1925 (at the King’s Gate)