House No. 5 Friedländer

The house of the Friedländer family played an important role in the Jewish enlightenment (Haskalah). Many dinner parties filled with important conversations were held here. The philosopher Moses Mendelssohn was a guest here in 1777, and visited also Immanuel Kant. In 1783 the private tutor Isaac Euchel published here the first issue of the monthly journal Hame’assef (The Collector), which became the mouthpiece of the Haskalah.

This house, which stood on the once closely built-up Kneiphof Island (also known as Cathedral Island), is shown in the museum exhibition as little house No. 5 – You can witness the international table company.

About Moses Mendelssohn currently the exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin from 14 Apr to 11 Sep 2022


“New public spaces are emerging in cafés, scholarly societies, and publications. The exchange of ideas crosses national and class lines. Humanities scholars, scientists, artists, writers, journalists, and civil servants meet in public, semi-public, and very private spaces.” Quote from:
A Deep Dive into Themes of the Current Exhibition “We dreamed of nothing but Enlightenment”.