Blogger at the opening of the exhibition

In Kaliningrad, the new exhibition “Königsberg from a Jewish Perspective” is receiving such a good response that now the well-known Instagram blogger Kristina Ilyina also produced a post with the curator of the exhibition for her followers in the Kaliningrad region in the series Livelyconversation. The conversation took place in Russian.

Link to Blog livelyconversation

“The curator understandably conveys the creative process of the many people involved in the development and implementation of this project.”
“Another level of immersion: facts from the lives of different people who tell about this period in their own words.
And there is so much optimism in that…. After all, it is an experienced moment that gives us something to draw conclusions from!”

“Ruth Leiserowitz – historian, one of the curators of the exhibit explains the finer points of the exhibit with charm!”